filled cookies and better waffles

I got the real recipe somewhere, but quickly realized that it does not need to be as hard as following a recipe to make a really yummy dessert.

Fun Filled Cookies

Cookies (4 dozen) - yields two dozen
1 bar cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 big tbsp vanilla
(dash of packaged jello for color and flavor... depends on the brand, so add a little, then taste...)

Take ANY cookies (I have used gingerbread, peanut butter, oatmeal and sugar cookies VERY successfully).
Prepare them as you normally would.
(When in a pinch - I use pre-packaged cookie mix. )

cream together softened cream cheese and all other ingredients.

use filling to make "whoopie pie" cookies. Sandwiching two cookies together with filling in the middle.

There are only about a million possibilities.
ex. Take sugar cookies.
mix a little strawberry or orange jello in with your filling.

ex. gingerbread and the vanilla cream cheese is awesome!

Better Waffles

I have been preparing waffles (as directed on package of waffle mix from the cannery)
Then I add one packet of Quaker flavored oatmeal (kids like apple cinnamon the best)
Then I add a little dash of extra milk.
Use waffle maker to prepare waffles as you normally would.

Very delicious!

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